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Jul 7

July 7, 2016

Let’s stop pretending that America is the land of liberty By Ryan cooper

This is a repost of an article by Ryan Cooper writer for Mass shootings have become so common in America that even dark jokes about the sheer mechanical routine of it all now seem stale. One part of the public safety debate that will always be around, however, is arguing about the supposed tradeoff between freedom and security. In some hypothetical sensible country, one could have a debate about whether some crime control or security measure might be worth…

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Apr 18

April 18, 2016

Self Ownership

Self Ownership Foundational in the Libertarian philosophy is that of self ownership. One is born with a bundle of natural rights, recognized by the Constitution of the United States as the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Each individual has these as natural rights at birth. They are not granted by one’s parents, the government or any document. They are inherent to one’s existence as a human being. While many give lip service to the idea of…

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